The Evolution born in 2005 and right from the start they have collected various important milestones such as the participation and the excellent results obtained in competitions "Sanremo Rock 2005" and "Una Voce Per Sanremo 2006" (Teatro Ariston, San Remo), the participation as guests at fifth edition of the "Concerto Per Pina" which took place in front of an audience of more than 35'000 people.

In March 2007 the single "Corpo E Anima", produced by guitarist Gavino Salaris in 2,000 copies and sold for € 2,
proved an immediate success selling all the copies in a few days only in the cities of Alghero, Olmedo and Sassari..

The first "Serata Evolution", held in October 6 2007 in Alghero, during which the group handed to AMREF the amount of 4,000 Euro, total proceeds from the sale of the single "Corpo E Anima". This amount allowed (along with the financing of 1,000 € offered by the Province of Sassari) the construction of two water wells in Kajiado, Africa, entitled to the group.

At the evening, presented by Romano Marcias, have participated special guests like: Mario Riso (Honorary Member of AMREF, creator of the project Rezophonic, a founder of the satellite channel RockTv and well established musician in the national and international) Rezophonic, Movida, Marco Trentacoste (Deasonika, Le Vibrazioni, Giusy Ferreri), Max Zanotti (L' Aura, Deasonika), Eva (Prozac +) and many others .

On 5 December 2007, the band accompanied by the Honorary Member of AMREF Mario Riso attended at
the General Audience of Pope Benedetto XVI into the Sala Nervi into the Città del Vaticano.
The group was invited due to the magnificent results obtained from the last CD single "Corpo E Anima", which, in addition to having been a great success, has allowed the construction of two water wells in Kenya, bringing work in one of poorest parts of the world,
but primarily provide water to many families who live there.

On August 23, 2009, the band Evolution was entirely self-produced and made the event "EVOLUTION FOR ABRUZZO"
which was held in the city Alghero and has had an important beneficial scope:
the band has devolved the proceeds to the earthquake victims of 'Abruzzo at the presence
of the Councillor of the city of L'Aquila Mr. Pasquale Corriere.
The evening, along with Evolution, was attended by important guests, exclusively for the city of Alghero, like:
Valerio Scanu, Tony Maiello, Pino Scotto and many others.

For "Evolution For Abruzzo" the band has received a praise from President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

On April 13, 2010, the band Evolution went to Abruzzo to meet the Mayor of the City of L'Aquila, dr. Massimo Cialente,
in order to deliver the proceeds from the event "Evolution For Abruzzo" held in Alghero on August 23 last year.
Accompanying the Evolution, the Provincial Councillor Tony Faedda representing the City of Olmedo,
which is always present in the band's charitable initiatives, has provided a financial contribution of one thousand euro.

The Evolution with their contributions amounts to € 15,000
contribute to the construction of a polyvalent center in the fraction of L'Aquila Camarda.
The initiative will be possible thanks to the contribution of Olmedo company Salaris srl , which will provide building materials of various kinds. During the meeting in L'Aquila, exchange of gifts between the mayor and the band that, over the bank check of the donation, offered a branch of coral, and a commemorative plate. Councillor of the Province of Sassari Tony Faedda offered to the town of L'Aquila, a pennant of the city of Olmedo and a copy of a book with personal dedication.

The Mayor of L'Aquila, dr. Massimo Cialente interviewed said:
"I want to thank Evolution for coming here, for this initiative which will help us to build
a polyvalent structure in our fraction of Camarda, who has seen destroyed his meeting center.
I thank them especially for this act of friendship and solidarity, important precisely because it's from young guys".

The Evolution, accompanied by the Councillor Pasquale Corriere, have made a visit to the center of the city of L'Aquila, the most hit part by the earthquake of 6 April 2009, and they also watched the area of Camarda where will rise the polyvalent structure that Evolution have donated their contribution. The group then visited the primary school of Paganica, frequented by 250 children. Here they gave them small gifts, which have expressed strong agreement with an emotional applause.

By invitation of Mayor Dr. Massimo Cialente and Councillor Pasquale Corriere, Evolution will soon return in Abruzzo
for a concert, in that occasion will present their new CD.

On 23 October, 2010 in Olmedo, the band organize and financed the "SERATA EVOLUTION - 2010 EDITION FOR AMREF", a special beneficial dinner to support the AMREF water project, attended by AMREF's honorary partner Mario Riso,
followed by an acoustic concert with Evolution, Filippo Graziani and the band Movida.
Attended by the Mayor of the City of Olmedo, Cav. Luigi Ruiu, and Olmedo’s and provincial counselor Tony Faedda.
With this event Evolution, with the entire sum obtained, financed the construction on 3 new water wells in Kajiado in Africa,
coordinate by Icio De Romedis.

On the March 11th was released the first single from the new album.
"LAST TIME" is one of the great collaborations presented by EVOLUTION
and it's a new and without precedent duet with one of the greatest voices of rock :
the great JEFF SCOTT SOTO!!

The single is available in more than 400 online music stores (including iTunes, Napster, Nokia, Emusic and many others) and, due to the popular website, will be soon available also as a physical cd in over 92 countries worldwide.

This song has received a notable success since the release:
after only a few hours of publication, Last Time charted 143 on the Top Best Selling Pop Singles in Italy and then, after only 12 hours, jumped to place 93 of the same chart and, at the same time, placing 192 on the Italian Top Best Selling Charts.

To anticipate the release of the new album, Evolution have undertaken an intensive acoustic tour
which, since the beginning of the 2011, has already surpassed 80 dates.

On 11.11.11 Evolution released worldwide their New Album called “EVOLUTION”!!
With “Evolution”, wich included 11 previous unrealised songs,
the band have the honor and the exclusive to admit very special guest like :

Concomitantly with the 50th anniversary of the Costa Smeralda, the Evolution were chosen by Starwood Hotels as the only band into the prestigious Piazzetta del Cervo (Porto Cervo) where the band will play every evening exclusively for the entire summer season 2012.

During the summer of 2012 the band had the honor to be the only opening act for the concerts of Sir Elton John and Ne-Yo.